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ANB: Assassin News Bulletin!

Ryan here with an ANB news update. We are less than two days into our Assassins game and already down to a third of the players remaining.
The seven remaining are:
Alex Lindroth, with 0 kills
Annie Peirce, with 0 kills
Carolyn Nasuti, with 0 kills
Daniel Schoenberg, with 1 kill
Laura Barclay, with 2 kills
Priya Lift, with 1 kill
Stephanie Rice, with 1 kill

The reign of Keith Scholz terror is ended at 4 kills.
Zach Kanfer is done after 2 kills.
Jesse Vanderhoef and the two known as Fletcher and Koven are eliminated with a kill apiece.

This game may very well be over by Monday.
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Deleted comment

I hate to break it to you but you were only the victor, not the Master Assassin, last year. To have been the master Assassin you would have had to defeat Coz and myself.
As yet I see no one who can actually challenge me on my claiming to be a Master. I was in fact the Master Assassin. I was not, however, the Master All-Out-Brawler. It's hardly still a matter of assassination if you meet so plainly on the field of battle.
Well, it could also be said that the mark of a true master assassin is looking his kill in the face, knowing his kill sees him as well, and still pulling it off. Read Dan Brown's novels; in them you will see examples of assassins face-to-face with their target, knowing that he/she knows you're after them.

This is a stupid argument we have found ourselves in, but I will make one more point:
The contract for the final kill (Coz and me, though it was Rob then) states, verbatim:
"Congratulations, Assassin! You have proven yourself the most worthy adversary. However, you are not out of the woods yet. There is still one more challenge that awaits you. If you complete this challenge, you will be, and reap the rewards of, a Master Assassin. This, however, will be your most difficult task. You have not one, but two targets, and two predators as well. Keep close watch, for you are being hunted. This is your final challenge. Good luck.

Targets: Rob and Cos"

This has not been changed from last year.
That's funny. No final contract had ever been given out. In fact, none of my last three or so kills had contracts, if you recall.
Right, because it was toward the end and the last few kills were all settled at FAP, because the game had dragged on so long, and people were so tired of waiting, that we just wanted to end it.
Here, that is not the case. In less than two days, 14 of 21 were cut down. That is just astounding.

Actually, another point is that by your definition of a Master Assassin, the person who would face you in the duel would also be a Master Assassin, as (s)he accomplished exactly what you did. And it wouldn't make a difference if (s)he dueled you or not, because by your definition being a good dueler has no effect on being a good Assassin.
Then the final duel should be an assassination, instead of a duel on an open field. Which I pointed out back at the restaurant, when we first discussed how to update the rules to make it smoother this year than last.

And I have no qualms of acknowledging the winner of this round as a fellow Master. Only, by the end of the night, there would then be a single Master, and a single -former- Master :) Clearly if I lose, I forfeit the title along with my life ^_~ It is only fair, after all. And if I win - which honestly I don't expect to do; my luck has to run out at some point - that doesn't mean the winner of the round is any less a Master Assassin, in my eyes.

And the duel with the Bounty Hunters should likewise by a matter of assassination, like the contract suggests. Spread out more, give the new Master a chance. Keep it all in the spirit of the game.
I think we planned on that originally, except for time constraints.

We might. I'll talk to Coz.
Let me know what he says. Thematically, I think it works better for the game :)
Interesting. This year is much bloodier than last. Could be an interesting challenge for Master Junpei to keep his title... although the greatest killers have already been slain themselves. Fascinating.

To all those who have fallen in battle, especially to those who have tasted blood before their fall, I salute you!