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ANB: Assassin News Bulletin!

Ryan here with an ANB news update. We are less than two days into our Assassins game and already down to a third of the players remaining.
The seven remaining are:
Alex Lindroth, with 0 kills
Annie Peirce, with 0 kills
Carolyn Nasuti, with 0 kills
Daniel Schoenberg, with 1 kill
Laura Barclay, with 2 kills
Priya Lift, with 1 kill
Stephanie Rice, with 1 kill

The reign of Keith Scholz terror is ended at 4 kills.
Zach Kanfer is done after 2 kills.
Jesse Vanderhoef and the two known as Fletcher and Koven are eliminated with a kill apiece.

This game may very well be over by Monday.
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