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Drew Assassins Update

It's been a while since we've updated. But now we are down to the Final Four.

And they are:

Abby L.
Daniel S.
Jesse V.
Kevin E.

The survivor of the Final Four will be trapped in a Four Corners duel against Dark Vapor, Jango Fett, and The Dalek.

The kill count is as follows thus far:
Daniel S. - 3 kills, 1 on Assassin
Kevin E. - 3 kills, 2 on Assassin
Mike R. - 2 kills
Jason L. - 1 kill
Jesse V. - 1 kill
Laura Rose B. - 1 kill
Maria E. - 1 kill
Nate B. - 1 kill
Abby L., Claire H., Dan McC., Evan K., Kevin F., Kristin L., Michelle O., Nikki B., Shaun F. - 0 kills

It gets intense from here...
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